Bass fishing in tough fishing conditions.

It was chilly in the morning and a strong wind blew all day long. The fishing conditions were bad but I was able to find likely bass holding areas. I really enjoyed fishing in such conditions and had a success.

◆ Fishing Tackle I used on the day.

・Rod : Megabass / NEW DESTROYER F51/2-72X The X-Bites ・Reel : STEEZ A TW 7.1 SV SPOOL ・Lure : LEVEL VIB ・Line : SEAGUAR R18 FLUORO LTD. HARD 14lb


・Rod : Megabass / NEW DESTROYER F3-611XS LANDSAT ・Reel : 15 LUVIAS 2500S ・Lure : EGU-DAMA type LEVEL 3.5g 1way(Cut 2way into two.Use one of them.) ・Line : SEAGUAR KANZEN SEA BASS PE1.0 Shock Leader 12lb

[BackLash Staff Morishita]

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