[Field report]

I enjoyed fishing from a JON BOAT on my day off. I cast only hard lures on the day.

When I cast my lure where I wanted to, nice bass hit it. The water temperature was about 13 or 14℃, and the depth of water was about 1m.

This was the only fish I caught on the day, but fishing from a JON BOAT was extremely fun.
I used a rod “BARDICK” .This is a great lure which can cast most lures. You can enjoy fishing with changing lures. (To quickly change lures, use a snap)

○ Fishing Tackle I used on the day.
・Rod :deps / SIDEWINDER HGC-610MLXF GP BARDICK ・Reel :Shimano 19 Antares ・Line :Monster BRAVE 14LB ・Handle:studio COMPOSITTE BackLash Special model 96/R25L ・Snap :BackLash / SUPER SPRING WIDE SNAP Neutral Black # 1

[BackLash Staff / Hashimoto]

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★ BackLash Web shop



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