Field report / Fishing Bellody in cold weather.

☆ Field report from our customer.

Reservoir fishing on a very cold day.
Bellody(Bellows Stick3.8+Bready) is dependable. This is a go to rig setup when nothing else is working. I used it with BackLash / Super Spring Wide Snap # 1.Nice winter bass were caught!


He enjoys not only reservoir fishing but also river fishing and Lake fishing. He said that the color # PRO BLUE SHAD is the must have color in his tackle box. It is effective for fishing in muddy water and clear water.
As for Bellody, it is very versatile. You can use various fishing techniques and entice bass to bite. One of the best rig setups for successful winter fishing.

◎ GEECRACK channel / Underwater action of Bellody(Bellows Stick3.8+Bready)

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