[Field report] Let i-WAVER 74SSS drift with the flow.

Fishing Lake Biwa.
My fishing buddy told me that pond smelt had started making
their move near the shore.
So, I brought spinning tackle.
I cast OSP / i-WAVER 74SSS, and let it drift with the flow keeping it in water under 50cm – 1m deep.
Then suddenly, fish hit the bait. I reeled it in carefully
54cm long quality bass was caught!!
It was 3,600g in weight!!

☆ Fishing Tackle I used

・Rod : Megabass / New Destoryer F0st-63x KIRISAME ULTIMATE
・Reel : DAIWA / EXIST LT2500S
・Line : SEAGUAR / R18 FLUORO LTD.4lb
・Lure : OSP / i-WAVER 74SSS

OSP / i-WAVER 74SSS is available at BackLash.

◆Size :74.0mm
◆Type :Super Slow Sinking

【BackLash Staff / Morishita】

★ BackLash Web Shop(OSP / i-WAVER 74SSS)

★ BackLash Web Shop(Megabass / New DESTROYER / F0st-63XS KIRISAME ULTIMATE)

★ BackLash Web shop(Shipping and Payment【English】)

★ BackLash Web shop


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