Only a few left in stock! / Erie 115SD

Erie 115SD are available at BackLash,
but there are only a few left in stock. 
Hurry up and get them!!

■Diving depth:1.8m
■Hook:Ichikawa Fishing / Kamakiri Treble # 5
■Nishine Lure Works Original Snap
■Adjustabgle buoyancy lure with outer weight system.
・01 BPBSmelt
・02 GhostSmelt
・03 BPBChartreuseSmelt
・04 HologramSmelt [Out of stock]
・05 BlackBackGold [Out of stock]
・06 GunMetal
・07 PearlFlash [Out of stock]
・08 YellowPerch

◎ YouTube Channel
Nishine Lure Works / Fishing ERIE 115 SD

★ BackLash Web Shop(Nishine Lure Works / ERIE 115 SD)

★ BackLash Web Shop(Nishine Lure Works)

★ BackLash Web shop(Shipping and Payment【English】)

★ BackLash Web shop


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