KUREHA / SeaGuar GrandMax FX

We offer many different fishing lines in a variety of sizes and lengths.

We’ve started selling KUREHA / SeaGuar GrandMax FX. This is a fishing line with added elasticity to the Grand Max. It can be the best fishing leader line when fishing with Neko rigs, Jigheads or high specific gravity soft plastic baits ( No-sinker style rigs )by using PE line. Spring is just around the corner.

Get one and get ready for catching big spring bass!!

☆Our staff member Hashimoto uses a black small pouch that he bought at 100 yen shop($1 Shop) when he carries SeaGuar GrandMax FX .


★ BackLash Web Shop(KUREHA / SeaGuar GrandMax FX)



★ BackLash Web Shop(KUREHA)



★ BackLash Web Shop(Fishing lines)




★ BackLash Web shop(Shipping and Payment【English】)



★ BackLash Web shop





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