Valleyhill / EBI SHAD4 – # 906 LEGEND SMOKE

【Field report from our customer】

He produces amazing results by using EBI SHAD4(# 906 LEGEND SMOKE – BackLash Special Color) this time every year.He mailed us great fishing photos this year, too.

He and his fishing buddy caught nice spring bass on EBI SHAD4 / # 906 LEGEND SMOKE!! Awesome!!!

He said that changing lure color is really effective when fishing EBI SHAD4.He uses # LEGEND SMOKE as a main color.When fish won’t react to it, he uses a GREEN PUMPKIN based color.


★ BackLash Web shop(Valleyhill / EBI SHAD4 – BackLash Special Color # 906 LEGEND SMOKE)


★ BackLash Web shop(Valleyhill)



★ BackLash Web shop(Shipping and Payment【English】)


★ BackLash Web shop




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