SIGNAL / Devil-swimmer shad and SSW

*A photo from Mr. Okuda’s Facebook page

Japanese professional bass angler Manabu Okuda caught 10 lb. monster bass on the water of lake Biwa!!

It was 62cm long!!!! Beautiful fish!!!

Zooming in to see just one part of the picture, you can see SSW snap!! He caught the fish on devil-swimmer shad with a SSW snap (Super Spring Wide Snap)!!!
We are happy that he caught nice bass by using our original product SSW snap.

*Photos from Mr. Okuda’s Facebook page

・Rod :Shimano / Bantam 163H-SB2


・Lure :Signal / Devil-swimmer shad # KOINOBORI GREEN

・Snap : BackLash / SSW(Super Spring Wide Snap)

Devil-swimmer shad # KOINOBORI GREEN and SSW are both available at BackLash at the moment.


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