Pre-order for Studio composite / Full carbon fish gripper

We are taking pre-orders now!!!

☆ Studio composite / Full carbon fish gripper

Light weight and high rigidity. Its simple design minimizes stress and injury to the fish. Land and release your catch without harm to you or the fish.

◆ Color : Black, Gunmetal

◆ Weight : 110g.

◆ 7mm rounded Jaws for minimize injury to the fish.

○Estimated arrival : Dec.2021 ~ Jan.2022(Arrival dates are supplied by the manufacturer and are subject to change.)

○For International Customers, we only accept PayPal for payments.

○You can’t cancel your order after placing the pre-order.

○We advise that you place orders for in stock and pre-order items separately, so that the in stock items you’ve purchased can reach you faster.


★ BackLash Web shop(Studio composite / Full carbon fish gripper)


★ BackLash Web shop(Pre-order items)


★ BackLash Web shop(Studio composite)



★ BackLash Web shop(Shipping and Payment【English】)


★ BackLash Web shop




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