Pre-order / RATMAN – Don’t miss out on your chance to pre-order!!!!

We are taking pre-orders now!!!
Don’t miss out on your chance to pre-order!!!!

☆ Individual development/ID(Studiocomposite)/ RATMAN ☆

Great Carbon Composite lure for fishing in spring, summer, and autumn.

■Weight:3 oz

○Estimated arrival : May to July

* Arrival dates are supplied by the manufacturer and are subject to change.

○For International Customers, we only accept PayPal for payments.
○You can’t cancel your order after placing the pre-order.
○If you place an order for an in stock item along with pre-order items, we will ship them out together once all the items on the same order arrive in.

◎studiocomposite_biwako / Swimming action of RATMAN.

【Pre-order / ID(Studiocomposite)/ RATMAN】

★ BackLash Web shop(Pre-order / ID(Studiocomposite)/ RATMAN)

★ BackLash Web shop(Studiocomposite / Full Carbon Fish Gri)

★ BackLash Web shop(Pre-order items)

★ BackLash Web shop(Studiocomposite)

★ BackLash Web shop(Shipping and Payment【English】)
★ BackLash Web shop


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