Japanese Pro angler Kenta Kimura won Bassmaster – James River

Japanese Pro angler Kenta Kimura won Bassmaster Open at James River. You can see the fishing tackle he used for the Bassmaster Open in the picture. (The photo is from Kenta Kimura’s Twitter)

EVOKE series and ONETEN series are available at BackLash.

Probably ONETEN R is sold only in Japan and it is hard to get for overseas customers.

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◎ YouTube : Kenta Kimura wins Bassmaster Open at James River (65 pounds)


★ BackLash Web shop(EVOKE Series)



★ BackLash Web shop(ONETEN series)



★ BackLash Web shop(ONETEN R)




★ BackLash Web shop(Shipping and Payment【English】)



★ BackLash Web shop





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