【Pre-Order】DUO × Japanese artist Cookie – A school of fish gathering around the finger, A wild bomb Pencil Bait

Start taking pre-orders!!!

【Pre-Order】DUO × Japanese artist Cookie – A school of fish gathering around the finger, A wild bomb Pencil Bait

We are taking pre-orders now!!!

☆☆ DUO × Japanese artist Cookie – A wild bomb Pencil Bait ☆☆

A school of fish gathering around the finger!

A Japanese artist Cookie × DUO Collaboration Pencil Bait

Cookie is a Japanese famous comedian.

Also he is an artist and get global attention.

He took a mold of his finger for the pencil bait,

and DUO produce the lure for their pride. Its not only the visual impact, but it really attract fish!!!!

When they arrived at our shop last time, they went sold out quickly.

If you are interested, visit our shop and get your favorite color!!!

※Estimated arrival : May(Arrival dates are supplied by the manufacturer and are subject to change.)

※To avoid problems, you can’t cancel your order after placing your pre-order.

※Limit 1 per customer.

※If you place an order for in stock items along with pre-order items, we will ship them out together once all the items on the same order arrive in.

※Placing your order means that you have accepted the above.



■Type :Floating

■Hook :# 4x

■Include:A cleare nail you can do nail

◎ YouTube – DUO JAPAN / A Japanese comedian /artist Cookie × DUO Collaboration Pencil Bait


◎ A Japanese comedian / artist Cookie, Fishing for Seabass


Pre-order now!!

【Pre-Order for Cookie × DUO Collaboration Pencil Bait】




(You can see “ENGLISH / JAPANESE” icon at the top right corner of the item page.

You can reach the English / JAPANESE page by clicking it.)

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