TN 20th Anniversary Limited Color

TN 20th Anniversary Limited Colors from Jackall .
Japanese pro anglers made their favorite colors with the manufacturer.

[Kagiya Mamoru] TN60 Disc Knocker # Marmo Shrimp
[Takuma Hata] TN60 Skull Shell Maruhata Sound # Small Silhouette Gill
[Hirotoshi Mizuno]  TN60 Silent # Devils Clear
[Hiro Shibata ]  TN60 Trigon #HS Nanko spring, summer, autumn and winter
[Toshiro Ono] TN60 full tungsten # winter reaction CG
[Professional Naoya Hiramura]  TN80 # half mirror gold black
[Kataoka Soushi Pro]  TN70 silent #FL blue lemon

Some are already sold out.
If you are interested, hurry!!


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