O.S.P SAIKORO RUBBER led Kyoya Fujita to success!!

A Japanese pro angler Kyoya Fujita got second place in
2023 Gamakatsu Bassmaster Elite at Lake Seminole.
One of the lures he used was O.S.P /SAIKORO RUBBER.
According to a fishing magazine article, all the post spawn bass he caught on the day were caught on the lure.
He said “SAIKORO RUBBER is effective not only for fishing in Japan,
but also fishing in the United States.”
A month later from he got the second place, American anglers started to use it in fishing tournaments.

Japanese pro angler Hideaki Tabuchi created SAIKORO RUBBER.
It was a handmade soft plastic lure.
A Japanese pro angler Minemura used the lure as his main lure for sight fishing, and it led him to success.

After he joined O.P.S, he developed new products, but Saikoro rubber was the ideal lure for him.
However it was a hand poured soft plastic baits, and couldn’t be produced in large quantities.
It was difficult to get it for many anglers.
For these reasons, OSP started to produce it in large quantities
with Hideaki Tabuchi’s consent.

Saikoro rubber Non salt has a low specific gravity and the resistance of rubber material makes it sink very slowly.
Saikoro rubber Maxsalt is 0.3g heavier and sinks faster than non salt model.

Rig it no-sinker style, and fall it to the line of bass’s sight.
When the fish starts chasing it, twitch it to entice the bass to bite.
This lure action is really effective and bass cannot ignore it.
Also, let it fall to the bottom and shake it or just leave it.

SAIKORO RUBBER is hexahedron like a dice.It pushes a lot of water.
This is why it can catch a lot of bass!!

* Mr. Minemura uses a hook for trout # 4 when he uses Saikoro rubber Nonsalt.

O.S.P / SAIKORO RUBBER is available at BackLash at the moment.
Get some before they sell out!!

【Lure & Boat BackLash / O.S.P / SAIKORO RUBBER】

【O.S.P / Saikoro Rubber Nonsalt(English page)】


【O.S.P / Saikoro Rubber Maxsalt(English page)】)

【O.S.P Youtube vides】
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Please use YouTube subtitle function.)

◎ O.S.P / How to use Saikoro Rubber and how it is created.

◎ O.S.P / Saikoro Rubber 3 effective rigs


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