BackLash Staff Cup # 3


We had BackLash Staff Cup yesterday.
As you know, it’s rainy season in Japan.
We have a lot of rainy days during the period, so not so many people participated in it.
It was rainy in the morning but sunny in the afternoon.
Mr. Hontsu won the first place.
One of the fish he caught was “Rokumaru(fish over 60 cm in length)” and he won the Big Fish Prize as well.
He used light weight rubber jig.
Let it run over the top of weeds and triggered strikes.

★ Results ★

1 Mr. Hontsu / CHUNKCRAW 3.5 inch

2 Mr. Fujiyama / BassroiD Jr. TRIPLE DOUBLE

3 Mr. Miyazaki / G-Crawler

4 Mr. Mizutani / Leaf Shrimp, REVIVAL SHAD

5 Mr. Hashimoto / DEATHADDER 4 inch

6 Mr. Hayashi / G-Crawler and Leaf Shrimp


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