Molix! / “Supernato” & New product ” RA Grub 6 inch”



Molix / Supernato is one of the hot selling items.
It is a hybrid crankbait(Crankbait + Frog lure).
Available in 16 colors.
Two new colors # 145 BlueGill and # 201 Moss Brown Craw are really popular.





・Molix new product RA Grub 6 inch




It is a Grub worm developed from RA Shad 3.8.
You can see the swimming action of RA Grub 6 inch(Molix Japan Channel).
Click here to watch it.→

To know more about RA Grub 6 inch,
click here→…/product/soft-baits-soft…/ra-grub-6-2/


★BackLash web shop【Supernato】

★BackLash web shop【RA Grub 6 inch】

★BackLash web shop【Molix】


★ BackLash Web shop



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